Site Governance Districtwide Action Team


  • Define the role of sites in implementation of SSSC
  • Propose capacity building to ensure site staff, families, students and community members know how to support SSSC


The Site Governance Districtwide Action Team has a total of 17 members; 10 are staff (including the District Facilitator, staff content lead and notetaker) and 5 are community members (including the Community Co-Chair). The staff include individuals from various central office departments (Leadership Development; Accountability, Planning and Policy; Division of Schools; Family Engagement) as well as principals, teachers and/or other instructional personnel from Capitol Hill, Highland Jr, Battle Creek, Washington, Humboldt, Johnson Sr, Hayden/Prosperity and Groveland. The community members include parents from the following schools, Capitol Hill, JJ Hill, and LNFI.

The racial composition of the team (including Board Directors) is as follows*: 3 African-American, 1 Asian, 2 American Indian, 10 Caucasian and 1 unidentified.

* Unless self-identified as multi-racial, individuals who selected more than one race were counted in each racial category.


All meetings will take place at the SPPS Administration Building located at 360 Colborne Street, St. Paul, MN 55102



  • Patrick Romey, Staff Facilitator
  • Angie Thornhill, Community Co-Chair
  • Tyrize Cox, Staff Resource Lead
  • Joe Munnich, Staff Note-Taker
  • Doreen Brookins, Member
  • Anne Carroll, Member (Treasurer, Board of Education)
  • Patricia Dunder, Member
  • David Durant, Member
  • Charlene Hoff, Member
  • Dayna Kennedy, Member
  • David Kirchner, Member
  • Kazoua Kong-Thao, Member (Director, Board of Education)
  • Ethan Laubach, Member
  • Michelle Leba, Member
  • Kim McConley, Member
  • Eric Mitchell, Member
  • Rebecca Pederson, Member



Please contact Joe Munnich, or (651) 767-8109, with any questions.


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