Specialized Academic Programming Districtwide Action Team


(includes Secondary Gifted/Talented articulation, language immersion and Montessori)

  • Clarify articulation of specialized programs to ensure consistent and equitable access
  • Identify areas where specialized academic programs are not aligned with managed instruction practices; propose solutions to address
  • Monitor how programs meet learner needs; propose solutions when they do not


The Specialized Academic Programming Districtwide Action Team has a total of 25 members; 13 are staff (including the District Facilitator, staff (including the District Facilitator, staff content leads and notetaker) and 11 are community members (including the Community Co-Chair). The staff include individuals from various central office departments (Division of Schools, College and Career Readiness, ELL, REA) as well as principals, teachers and/or other instructional personnel from the following schools: L'Etoile du Nord (LNFI), Capitol Hill, Crossroads, Central, JJ Hill. The community members include alumni, parents and representatives of the following schools, groups and/or organizations: Obama, JJ Hill, Highland Elem. and Sr., LNFI, AALC, St. Paul Youth Services, and Wilder Foundation.

The racial composition of the team (including Board Directors) is as follows*: 8 African-American, 2 Asian, 13 Caucasian, 2 Hispanic, and 1 Multi-racial.

* Unless self-identified as multi-racial, individuals who selected more than one race were counted in each racial category.


All meetings will take place at the SPPS Administration Building located at 360 Colborne Street, St. Paul, MN 55102, unless otherwise noted .

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  • Sharon Freeman, Staff Facilitator
  • Roberta Cordano, Community Co-Chair
  • Andrew Collins, Staff Resource Lead
  • Darlene Fry, Staff Resource Lead
  • Heidi Bernal, Staff Resource Lead
  • Kathleen Wilson, Staff Note-Taker
  • John Brodrick, Member (Director, Board of Education)
  • Anne Carroll, Member (Treasurer, Board of Education)
  • Carol Gronfor, Member
  • Nancy Hall, Member
  • Mar Her, Member
  • Amy Hinrichs, Member
  • Renee Jensen, Member
  • Stacey Kappes, Member
  • Katherine Kwong, Member
  • Fatima Lawson, Member
  • Mary de Leon-Denton, Member
  • Glynda Rutledge, Member
  • M. Lynn Shellenberger, Member
  • Katie Sterns, Member
  • Pangjua Xiong, Member


Please contact Joe Munnich, joe.munnich@spps.org or (651) 767-8109, with any questions.


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please visit http://accountability.spps.org/StrongSchools.