Partnerships Districtwide Action Team


Revised 7/17/11

Develop a comprehensive partnership framework to:


  • Align learner needs with partnerships*
  • Measure the quality of aligned partnerships

(* Revised from original charge which stated: Align partnerships with learner needs.)


The Partnerships Districtwide Action Team has a total of 21 members; 8 are staff (including the District Facilitator, staff content lead and notetaker) and 10 are community members (including the Community Co-Chair). The staff include individuals from various central office departments (Innovation and Development (OID), Community Education, CIPD, ELL, FECP) as well as principals, teachers and/or other instructional personnel from Museum Magnet, LNFI, Johnson Elem., and Maxfield. The community members include alumni, parents and representatives of the following schools, groups and/or organizations: Highland Park Elem and Jr, DPAC, Wilder Foundation, Support our Schools, ServeMinnesota, Common Bond Communities, Metropolitan State University (MSU), SPPS Foundation, Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, Sprockets.


The racial composition of the team (including Board Directors) is as follows*: 2 African-American, 1 Asian, 17 Caucasian, and 1 unidentified.


* Unless self-identified as multi-racial, individuals who selected more than one race were counted in each racial category.




All meetings will take place at the SPPS Administration Building located at 360 Colborne Street, St. Paul, MN 55102.


Please click on the dates listed below to view meeting minutes.


  • Supporting Recommendation Documents




  • Julie Schultz Brown, Staff Facilitator
  • Meghan Barp, Community Co-Chair
  • Lynn Gallandat, Staff Resource Lead
  • Michelle Bierman, Staff Note-Taker
  • Roger Barr, Member
  • Tyrone Brookins, Member
  • Kari Denissen Cunnien, Member
  • Paul Duncan, Member
  • Hsajune Tin Dyan, Member
  • Nick Faber, Member
  • Gevonee Ford, Member
  • Kari Gonzalez, Member
  • Julie Murphy, Member
  • Jean O'Connell, Member (Vice Chair, Board of Education)
  • Rebekah Peterson, Member
  • Dave Pinto, Member
  • Jeff Risberg, Member (Director, Board of Education)
  • Mark Robinson, Member
  • Evelyn Rolloff, Member
  • Christi Schmitt, Member
  • Audrey Suker, Member
  • Angel Thomas, Member
  • Amy Ward, Member
  • Karen Woodward, Member
  • Christine Yang, Member


Please contact Joe Munnich, or (651) 767-8109, with any questions.


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