Budget and Finance Districtwide Action Team




  • Track budgetary implications of SSSC implementation
  • Propose solutions to align resources with SSSC goal



The Budget/Finance Districtwide Action Team has a total of 23 members; 12 are staff (including the District Facilitator, staff content lead and notetaker) and 11 are community members (including the Community Co-Chair). The staff include individuals from various central office departments (Budget and Finance, OID, Pre-K, Payroll, Community Education) as well as principals, teachers and/or other instructional personnel from Eastern Heights, Harding, Highland Park Sr, Washington, Central, LNFI. The community members include alumni, parents and representatives of the following schools, groups and/or organizations: Crossroads, LNFI, Ramsey, Central, Chelsea, Nokomis, Museum Magnet, Ledbetter, Sell and Stensrud, St Paul Parks and Recreation, U of MN Law School and Carlson School of Management.


The racial composition of the team (not including Board Directors) is as follows*: 2 African-American, 1 Asian, 1 Hispanic, 18 Caucasian and 2 unidentified


* Unless self-identified as multi-racial, individuals who selected more than one race were counted in each racial category.



All meetings will take place at the SPPS Administration Building located at 360 Colborne Street, St. Paul, MN 55102.


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  • Marie Schrul, Staff Facilitator
  • Scott Stensrud, Community Co-Chair
  • Jaber Alsiddiqui, Staff Resource Lead
  • Rebekah Doyle, Staff Note-Taker
  • Mary Doran, Member
  • Joanne Freidlund, Member
  • Philip Friedlund, Member
  • Alka Goyal, Member
  • Kevin Huepenbecker, Member
  • James Kielkopf, Member
  • Patricia Lange, Member
  • Beth LeRoux, Member
  • John Martin, Member
  • Joseph Meyer, Member
  • Nelson Perez, Member
  • Douglas Revsbeck, Member
  • Jayne, Ropella, Member
  • Thomas Russell, Member
  • Alec Timmerman, Member



Please contact Joe Munnich, joe.munnich@spps.org or (651) 767-8109, with any questions.


For up-to-date information on Strong Schools, Strong Communities Implementation and monitoring,

please visit http://accountability.spps.org/StrongSchools.